VTzilla 1.0

Scan files for viruses before you even download them


  • Integrated into context menu
  • Option to scan whole website
  • Scans downloads


  • Download scan doesn't work with accelerators

Very good

VTzilla is a really useful add-on for Firefox that will allow you to scan files and websites for viruses before you even download, click or open them.

As an add-on, VTzilla is very easy to use. You install the VTzilla extension, and when you restart your browser, you'll see that a toolbar has been added. Likewise, right-clicking on a link will give you the option to scan with VTzilla, which is powered by the security powerhouse VirusTotal.

The toolbar gives you 2 options - to scan the site you are currently viewing or search VirusTotal. All VTzilla scans open the results in a new tab where you can see the scans happening in real time. VTzilla also adds a new feature to downloads - the option to scan the file before you click save.

Bear in mind that VTzilla can scan any link, whether it's a download from a new site or a dodgy looking email you find in your inbox. This makes VTzilla really useful - using it, it's easier than ever to stay safe on the internet.

VTzilla is a useful, easy and trustworthy way to stay safe online - who could ask for more?!



VTzilla 1.0

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